Director Services
The inclusion of an independent third party director in the structure of an Alternative Investment vehicle is a “must have” requirement for any Fund.  Britanniacorp provides the directorship services that a fund needs in today’s increasingly demanding corporate governance environment.

Our approach is to provide an active yet non-disruptive director to a fund or it’s investment manager.  This is achieved by obtaining and monitoring information provided primarily by fund administrators, thus focusing on the business operations of the fund, not the investing operations, as long as the investment manager selects investments that are within the disclosed investment mandate of the fund.  We believe that if investment risks are clearly disclosed in a Fund’s prospectus, investors will make informed decisions and therefore do not require protection from disclosed investment risks.

We monitor the business operations of each fund in light of current developments in regulations, disclosed operational policies and constitutional documents with a view towards identifying potential problems early. We will suggest corrective actions when necessary.

An independent director on a fund’s board gives comfort to investors and provides marketing benefits. Many instances of misconduct in the Hedge Fund industry could have been avoided with independent and expert oversight. Britanniacorp provides investors a high level of comfort in all aspects of corporate governance via our hands on service and the application of Britanniacorp’s risk monitoring and oversight program.

At Britanniacorp, we value our independence and therefore have no affiliation with any bank, broker, law firm or fund administrator, ensuring that we are able to perform our most important role, providing oversight of fund operations, thus protecting the interests of all investors. This oversight does not result in involvement, nor interfere, with day-to-day operations, but does require the skills to communicate with service providers, including investment managers, administrators, auditors and legal counsel.

Corporate Services
Britanniacorp is licensed to incorporate Cayman Island based companies, provide registered office for these companies and where required, provide “mind and management” for our client companies. Britanniacorp provides full accounting and administrative services, as well as, statutory filings and submissions for a variety of clients in various industries, such as: family offices, holding companies with developing and producing operations in the precious metals and oil and gas sectors, re-invoicing companies, investment companies and real estate holding companies, etc.

Britanniacorp provides a home for your business away from home.