Manager Services

Hiring a management company to oversee the operations of a business can provide the freedom an entrepreneur has been looking for.  Our competent team of managers have experience managing businesses in a variety of sectors and it is our goal to provide unmatched relief for the business owner. Get back to doing what you do best, and allow us to handle the rest. In addition to this, for businesses in the offshore sector, having a management team on-island will be a way of increasing economic substance for the business and a major step towards meeting the economic substance tests required in the Cayman Islands.

Operations Managers

We can provide your business with a team of managers to oversee the operations of your business for less than the cost of one full time manager. No fear of sick days, vacation, or manager turnover as this service is specifically designed to create true management legacy in your business.

Substance Managers

If you do not have employees on-island but have work that should be completed in our jurisdiction for economic substance purposes, you can outsource the work to our competent team of Managers and we will complete the work in-house with detailed reports of our time and decision making.

Human Resources Managers

We can facilitate the interviewing of candidates recommended by recruitment agencies, make hiring selections, draft job offers, draft job contracts, enroll the new employees for their benefits, submit work permits, facilitate on-boarding, and facilitate training of your new team members as well as the rewarding, disciplining, and firing of existing employees.

Finance Managers

Whether you need payroll services, pension payments, expense management, or vacation tracking, Britanniacorp offers a wide variety of accounting services to clients to aid in the management process.

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