Economic Substance

Independent Directors

Adding a Cayman based Director to a Cayman company is a great way to increase the substance of the company decision making in the Cayman Islands and makes it easier to facilitate board meetings from Cayman with a Director present on-island if other Directors are only able to phone in from elsewhere in the world.

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Employee Management

If you have on-island staff we have a suite of services designed to manage your team. If you do not have staff on-island but require management to take place in the islands for economic substance purposes, we are licensed on-island as a company manager and you can outsource these tasks to our competent team of managers.

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Office Services

Having a Registered Office address is a requirement for any Cayman company and we display the name plates of all of our clients in our office, however for companies that are in-scope under the economic substance law, more dedicated office space may be required for adequacy. We can provide this service or we can even help you open your own office on-island.

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Accounting Services

Maintaining a companies books in the Cayman Islands is a must have for economic substance. Britanniacorp has a full suite of accounting services so clients can outsource some or all of their accounting needs to us.

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