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Britanniacorp has experience providing corporate services to a wide variety of individuals, private companies, institutional public companies, and agencies who also provide corporate services themselves. Whether you would like to form a new company or transfer an existing company or portfolio of companies, we are excited to take on new challenges and pride ourselves with the level of care and attention to detail we provide each client. Our service offerings are detailed below:


Britanniacorp can incorporate exempt companies, special economic zone companies, ordinary companies & non-resident companies. Most companies allow for 100% foreign ownership and shareholders are not subject to any income, withholding or capital gains taxes in the Cayman Islands. There are no exchange controls in the Cayman Islands nor will shareholders be subject to any estate or inheritance taxes in the Cayman Islands.


Britanniacorp can provide Directors to captive insurance, private equity, venture capital, hedge funds, traditional mutual funds, private or public companies, and regulated businesses. Providing a Cayman based independent Director(s) for mind of management is a wise choice for increased economic substance in the islands as well as good corporate governance.


Britanniacorp can provide a wide variety of officers for the company for added mind and management and economic substance in the Cayman Islands. President, Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Anti-Money Laundering Reporting Officer, Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Officer, Treasurer, Secretary, Assistant Secretary etc.


Britanniacorp can provide your business with a team of managers to oversee the operations of your business for less than the cost of one manager. No fear of sick days, vacation, or manager turnover as this service is specifically designed to create true management legacy in your business. If you do not have employees on-island but have work that should be completed in our jurisdiction for economic substance purposes, you can outsource the work to our competent team of Managers and we will complete the work in-house with detailed reports of our time and decision making.


A company must have a Registered Office address in the Cayman Islands provided by a service provider licensed for such purpose. Britanniacorp is licensed to provide your Registered Office address and we will display your company name in our lobby. We can also receive mail and couriers behalf of our Registered Office clients. If greater presence is required for economic substance purposes we can assist you with opening your own dedicated office space locally.



Britanniacorp can complete all statutory filings and annual returns on behalf of the company and will circulate copies stamped by the Registrar of Companies upon completion.


Britanniacorp can prepare agendas, draft meeting minutes, plan and facilitate board meetings and circulate board packs to Directors so they have all the relevant supplements well in advance of their meetings.




Britanniacorp can draft Director and Shareholder resolutions for a wide variety of internal purposes as well as for purposes of filing with the Registrar of Companies.


Britanniacorp can facilitate share transfers and draft share transfer forms and update the Register of Members accordingly.


Britanniacorp can prepare and circulate share certificates for shareholders. We can also manage and receive cancelled share certificates.


Britanniacorp can prepare the documentation and file to increase or decrease the authorised share capital for the company subject to shareholder approval.


Britanniacorp can draft the necessary resolutions or minutes to change a Director or Officer and file the changes with the Registrar of Companies and update the Register of Directors.


Britanniacorp can prepare all necessary paperwork to change the name of the company and we will circulate the Certificate of Incorporation of Change of Name after completion.


Britanniacorp can draft cover letters, fill out required forms, answer questionnaires, assemble document requests and a wide variety of other general corporate administration tasks.


Britanniacorp can make the necessary introductions to a banker at any of the major local retail banks. We can also recommend other jurisdictions where bank accounts can be opened for Cayman Islands companies.


Britanniacorp can help your company apply for or renew a trade and business license (T&BL), or a special economic zone license (SEZC).


Britanniacorp can certify documents as true copies. We are qualified to certify documents as Directors of regulated entities or as Qualified Accountants.


Britanniacorp can arrange for the notarization of corporate documents or other identification documents as true copies.


An apostille can be applied to a notarised document to verify the authenticity of the Cayman notary. This local legalisation verifies the seal and standing of the notary. We can obtain apostilles for notarised documents.


A company no longer carrying on business may apply to the Registrar to be struck off. A creditor or shareholder who objects to the company being struck off may, for a period of up to 10 years following the date the company was struck off, apply to the court for the company to be reinstated. The strike off provisions provide a convenient, simpler alternative to a winding up, avoiding the need for the appointment of a liquidator; but the reinstatement provisions mean that a strike off is a less certain method of dissolving an exempted company. For this reason, strike off tends to be appropriate only where a company has not operated, or has operated only as a pass through vehicle without having had any external shareholders or without having incurred any liabilities to third parties.


Where the company has been active and has, or has had, substantial assets and liabilities a voluntary liquidation pursuant to the Companies Law would generally be the appropriate procedure to wind down. The voluntary winding up must be approved by the appropriate majority required for a special resolution of the shareholders as set out in the Articles, typically a two thirds majority of the shareholders present at a general meeting or alternatively, if permitted by the Articles, by a resolution in writing signed by all of the members entitled to vote. A copy of the special resolution is filed with the Registrar and notice of the winding up and appointment of the liquidator is published in the Cayman Islands Gazette. The Companies Law contains provisions for the application and distribution of the exempted company’s assets on winding-up and following distribution to creditors any surplus shall be distributed to shareholders in accordance with the Articles. Once the affairs of the company are fully wound up, the liquidator is required to advertise the final general meeting of the company, which is to be held not less than one month after the date the notice is published, for the purposes of explaining the final accounts of the liquidation. The liquidator will prepare a return relating to the final meeting in the prescribed form which is filed with the Registrar. The exempted company will be deemed to be dissolved three months from the date of the filing of the return.

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