Accounting Services


Britanniacorp has Qualified Accountants on staff to assist clients with QuickBooks Setup, QuickBooks Training, or we can run your entire QuickBooks file for you as we offer full QuickBooks Management services.


Britanniacorp can reconcile your bank account, enter cheques and receipts, classify expenses, provide reconciliation reports and monitor bank feed activity. Depending on level of activity we offer daily, weekly, or monthly reconciliation services.


Britanniacorp can ensure your accounting records are kept in an extremely organized and searchable fashion for your audit or archiving needs. We will scan in your receipts, rename and categorize your files and store them in a searchable method using our proven document management system for success.


Britanniacorp can invoice your customers, laisse with customers regarding their balances, enter customer payments, produce A/R reports to help you understand the accounts that need the most attention. We can handle your late clients with proven collections services backed by customer balance reports, finance charge assessments and a solid A/R strategy we can employ from our deep experience in this area.


Britanniacorp can enter and pay your bills, laisse with vendors, maintain receipts, create expense reports, monitor budgets and produce reports for all so a business owner can fully understand the money that is going out the door as expenses.


Britanniacorp can prepare financial statements for the business on a monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annual basis. We can produce the Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement and provide comparison reports between periods as well as any General Ledgers or Trial Balances needed.


Britanniacorp can process payroll payments to your staff, create their paystubs with the relevant health and pension deductions and make the necessary journal entries. We can track illness and vacation accrual and file the pension worksheets with the appropriate providers. We can add or remove new employees to your health group or pension plan and make the relevant entries on the company books.


Britanniacorp can assist clients who have an upcoming audit and provide pre-audit preparation services to reduce the stress of the audit process. We can laisse with your auditors and provide the samples requested and make any adjustments that may be necessary before they issue their audit report.

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