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  • We will verify with the General Registry that your chosen company name is available. In the Cayman Islands, a company name cannot contain the words royal, imperial, empire, municipal, chartered, co-operative, assurance, bank, insurance, gaming, lottery or any variation of these words or words that are similar in meaning without previous approvals.

  • We will prepare the company’s Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association (M&As) for submission to the General Registry. The M&A’s set out how the company is run, governed and owned and includes the responsibilities and powers of the directors and the means by which the shareholders can exert control over the board of directors.

  • We will make a subscriber declaration as the Agent Registered Office and file our declaration along with the M&As at the General Registry to incorporate your company in the Cayman Islands.

  • Once incorporated as Agent Registered Office we will act as the subscriber and prepare the subscriber meeting minutes to appoint the company’s first Director as well the subscriber share(s).

  • As the Agent Registered Office will only be the shareholder temporarily to complete the incorporation process, afterwards we will prepare the Share Transfer Form required to formalize the transfer of the initial shares from us as the subscriber to the client as the Shareholder.

  • In order to become a Director, you must be appointed and also consent to acting. We will prepare the necessary consent letters required to appoint the Directors.

  • If requested, we can prepare Share Certificates detailing the issuance of shares to the shareholder.

  • Know Your Client or “KYC” for short is the process we carry out to ensure we know who you are and that you are who you say you are. This will include us collecting documents such as your Passport copy and utility bill among other things depending on a variety of factors. Our onboarding package includes the review of KYC documents for 1 party who will assume the role of Director and Shareholder. If more Directors or Shareholders are needed, please use the add-on at the bottom to add additional parties.

    i.e. Joe would like to incorporate a company, Joe will be the sole Director and sole Shareholder.

    = No add-on needed

    Joe and Susan would like to incorporate a company, they will both be Directors and Shareholders.

    = Add 1 additional KYC party (1 for the additional person)

    Joe and Susan would like to incorporate a company, they will both be Directors, and ultimate beneficial owners however the shareholder will be listed as a company.

    = Add 2 additional KYC parties (1 for the additional person, and 1 for the additional corporate entity.)

    Joe and Susan would like to incorporate a company, they will both be Directors, with a corporate entity as shareholder, however the ultimate beneficial owner will be Susans sister Sharon.

    = Add 3 additional KYC parties (2 for the additional persons, and 1 for the additional corporate entity.)

    If you make a mistake at checkout, not to worry, we can always bill the additional KYC parties separately.

  • The Register of Members is a document that details the shareholders of a company as well as the voting rights and all relevant dates and certificate numbers. We will prepare the Register of Members detailing the shareholders of the company and maintain this at our office.

  • The Register of Directors is a document that lists the names of all past and current Directors and Officers of a company as well as their addresses and appointment dates. This document is produced by the Registrar of Companies based on our filings of what we maintain at the Registered Office. We will file for this Register.

  • In order to make the appointments official and by law, we will file for the Register of Directors with the General Registry.

  • We will prepare the Register of Mortgages and Charges detailing the interests or rights which a lender or creditor obtains in the property of a company by way of security that the company will pay back the debt. In most cases this is ‘NONE’ at the time of incorporation.

  • We will prepare the Register of Beneficial Ownership which requires the details of individuals or companies who hold a 25% ownership to be listed. Note that some exemptions may apply.

  • We will file the Register of Beneficial Ownership on a monthly basis with the Competent Authority in the manner prescribed. Currently this process is carried out in person on a monthly basis by the Agent Registered Office.

  • Government Fees + General Disbursements
  • We will file for Express Incorporation with the Registrar of Companies to have the company incorporated on a faster basis. This will speed up the process by 3-4 days assuming all of the KYC is received promptly and to the standard required. This service includes additional Government express related fees.

  • When you are working with a bank to open a bank account most banks onboarding teams will require a Directors resolution authorizing the account to be opened. We will prepare a draft resolution for you to use in the opening of your bank account in the Cayman Islands at the bank of your choice. Please note this service does not include the function of opening the bank account for you or being the liaison in any way.

  • KYC processes completed by banks will required certified registers of your company. We will certify all of the statutory registers requested in order to open up the bank account. Duplicates or additional certs can be requested at additional fees. Please note this service does not include the function of opening the bank account for you or being the liaison in any way.

  • While there is currently no corporate taxation in the Cayman Islands, in the event taxation is introduced at a later date, this certificate exempts the company from being taxed for a period of 20 years.

  • A corporate seal is an official stamp used by a company on important documents and resolutions and can be helpful in countries where parties demand it. We can create a seal for your company if requested.

  • We will prepare the company to be registered as a special economic zone company and we will apply for zone licensing approvals on your behalf.

  • Our standard service above includes the onboarding of 1 KYC party for Director/Shareholder. If you need to add additional parties, please use this add-on. KYC documentation will be requested after payment.

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